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WFD-450 Fully Automatic Sheet Fed Paper Bag With Handle Machine

It is suitable for producing high-quality paper bags for retail, gift packaging, garment, shoes or all luxury brands packaging. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, this sheet fed paper bag machine is an excellent investment for businesses looking to enhance their packaging capabilities.
It is fully automatic machine for the production of paper bags with paper twisted rope handle. The material could be Sheet paper or printed sheet paper.
This model is its ability to produce paper bags of different sizes and paste paper handle inline for completely paper bags without any manual process. The machine automatic paper fed from sheet, handle pasting line,top of bag folding, tube forming, bottom forming, bottom glue, bag forming and final bag output,or fold the top and punching holes without handle unit. All steps are completed in-line.


The WFD-450 Fully Automatic Sheet Fed Paper Bag With Handle Machine is a cutting-edge and highly efficient solution for producing paper bags with handles. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to streamline the bag-making process, offering exceptional precision and speed. Crafted with the latest technology and superior materials, the WFD-450 ensures high-quality output and reliability for various paper bag manufacturing needs.


The WFD-450 Fully Automatic Sheet Fed Paper Bag With Handle Machine is specifically tailored for businesses in the packaging industry. It is ideal for producing a wide range of paper bags with handles, including shopping bags, gift bags, promotional bags, and more. The machine is suitable for working with various paper types, such as kraft paper, white cardboard, art paper, and laminated paper, offering versatility to meet diverse customer requirements.


  1. Fully Automated Operation: The WFD-450 operates with complete automation, minimizing the need for manual intervention. This feature increases production efficiency and reduces labor costs significantly.

  2. High Precision and Accuracy: The machine's advanced technology ensures precise cutting, folding, and gluing, resulting in consistently well-crafted paper bags with handles.

  3. Fast Production Speed: With its high-speed capabilities, the WFD-450 can produce a large quantity of paper bags with handles in a short period, meeting tight deadlines and customer demands.

  4. Adjustable Bag Size: The machine allows for easy and quick adjustments to accommodate various bag sizes, making it highly adaptable to different product dimensions.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The WFD-450 is equipped with an intuitive interface that simplifies operation and reduces the learning curve for operators.

  6. Sturdy Construction: Built with robust materials and components, the machine ensures durability and reliability even under heavy production loads, resulting in a longer lifespan.

  7. Environmentally Friendly: The WFD-450 promotes eco-consciousness in the packaging process by utilizing paper as the primary material, reducing reliance on plastic bags and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Three types of handle bags can be made on these type of machines.


Technical Parameters:

Machine Model


Min. Sheet Paper size

625x 330mm(625x 280mm W/O handles)

Max. Sheet Paper size

1225 x 520mm(1025x 600mm W/O handles)

Paper Thickness

100-200gsm/㎡ (210-250gsm/㎡need to die cut)

Paper Bag Width

220-450 mm

Paper Tube Length

240-490 mm

Bag Bottom Width


Bag Top fold Depth

50mm(35)-60 mm

Handle Patch Length

190 mm

Handle Patch Width

40-55 mm

Paper GSM for Handle patch


Handle patch Roll Diameter

¢1000 mm

Paper Patch Roll Width

80-110 mm

Diameter of Twisted Rope

4-6 mm

Length of Twisted rope

155-175 mm


50-60 Bags/min.

Total Power


Machine Dimension

16000 x 4800 x 3000mm

(L x W x H)

Type of Glue

Cold & Hot melt Glue






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