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Start Your Business of Paper Carry Bag Making

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Why use paper bags?

Paper bags can be used for so many things. Bags made from paper are a cheap, easy and are a sustainable way to store and deliver all manner of things – so long as they aren't wet (Even water-proof paper now avaliable) or really heavy(Carry capacity upto 5Kg or even more depends on the strength of the paper used.)

How to measure a paper bag is simple: measure its height, width and depth (gusset) – multiply these together and you will get its volume.

Paper Bags Market is divided into three sections:

1. Shopping Bag Making:

Paper bags with handle or without handle. This sector is the most widely used for the many use of paper bags for international restaurants and stores for clothes, shoes and gifts and is still the leading and possessed of the market in global market. Due to coronavirus in past year, There are huge demands of paper bags now in many countries from takeaway restaurant for carrying food or drinks.


2. Multi-Layer Paper Bags Making:

Cement, gypsum, met and Calcium Polycarbonate bags

This sector is the most important sector in paper bags and investment in this sector requires a budget of not less than One million U.S. Dollars to get the fully automatic production line- Tuber forming and Bottomer Making, The market segment is divided by large scale companies without competitions due to high investment.


3. V-Shape Paper Bags Making:

This market of sandwich bags, fast food, flour bags, goods and more, but due to very low investment and competition is very hard and most probably have to sell bags per kilo with very low profits.

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