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Fully Auto Roll Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag with Flat Handle

Fully Auto Square bottom paper bags with flat-rope handles,By implementing steps including printing, handle making, handle application, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming within a fully automatic process, this machine can effectively save labor costs. It is an idea machine for making inside flat handle paper carrier bags.

  • WFD-430B
  • 8441200000

It is the most advanced machine for the production of shopping bags with inside flat handle. The material can be paper roll or printed paper roll. Whole machine is controlled by computer central control system with touch screen and servo motor for cut-off length control.  

It can produce a variety of small, medium and large handled bags in one process and effectively save labor costs. Distinct flat-handle making process and special bag counting function greatly improve packing efficiency of finished paper bags.


Main Technical Parameter

Machine Model


Paper Roll Width


Paper Bag Width

220-450 mm

Paper Tube Length


Bag Bottom Width


Paper Thickness


Max. Roll material diameter

1200 mm

Material Core Diameter


Size of Flat Belt


Flat Handle Rope Height


Handle Patch Width  


Handle Width


Paper GSM for Handle patch


Handle Patch Length

170 mm

Handle Patch Width


Handle patch Roll Diameter

800 mm

Paper Patch Roll Width

70-100 mm

Max. Production Speed


Total Power


Machine Weight


Machine Dimension (L*W*H)

16000 x 3000 x 2600 mm



Sheet fed Series Paper Carry Bag with handle machine is fully automatic machine for the production of paper bags with paper twisted rope handle. The material could be Sheet paper or printed sheet paper. Whole machine is controlled by computer central control system with touch screen. It can produce variable sizes paper bag and paste paper handle inline for completely paper bags without any manual process. The machine automatic paper fed from sheet, handle pasting line,top of bag folding, tube forming, bottom forming, bottom glue, bag forming and final bag output,or fold the top and punching holes without handle unit. All steps are completed in-line; this machine is an idea equipment for Twist handle paper carry bags and realize a fully automated line for garment, shoes or all luxury brands packing bag production line which could be directly deliver to customer bags.
Having absorbed the new technology of domestic and abroad, we successfully developed a new kind of paper bag making machine. The materials should be printed sheet paper or non printed sheet paper as per end-user's preference. This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing, bottom pasting and bag formation at a stroke. It is an ideal equipment for square bottom paper bags packing food grocery, Gift,etc without any manual process.
This machine is built to make paper rolls or printed-paper rolls into bags for packing fast food like bread, loaf, KFC. Paper Baguette bags. It is equipped with HMI for easy operation; with photocell for make the same printed paper bags. The bags can be many different dimensions.
This machine is built to make shopping bags or food bags with paper rolls, paper can be pre-printed. Machine is equipped with a photocell device. This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing, bottom-sticking and bag forming at a stroke. This is ideal equipment for making paper bag for shopping, loading foods, sugar, flour and so on.
WFD350-1/450-1 paper bag machine is with impressive quality and performance to meet different requirements. It adopts auto paper feeding system to keep sheet paper feeding continuously. It uses printed sheet paper as raw materials and makes the paper bag with top cardboard pasting, bag top folding as well as the double holes punching at one time so as to save labor cost to achieve higher working efficiency. This machine adopts touch screen and PLC control system with higher precision and speed. It is the best production line for making shopping bags, gift bags, super market bags, food bags, etc. It is with creasing function and adopts hotmelt glue system and can make many sizes of paper bags. Suitable paper: kraft paper, white cardboard, art paper, laminated paper.
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